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Study: Corporate Finance

Type of Study: two-year master study 

ISCED-F: 0412

EQF: 7

Duration of Study: professional graduate study Corporate Finances is carried out in four semesters, i.e. two academic years. It comprises full time and part time students.

ECTS: 120

Professional Title Obtained after Completion of the Two-Year Study (120 ECTS):

Master of Corporate Finance

 Knowledge and Competences Acquired after the Completion of the Study:

By mastering the curricula of the  professional graduate study Corporate Finance the student will acquire the specific theoretical knowledge necessary for critical thinking and the ability to apply it in practice. The student will master the knowledge, skills, general and specific competencies as well as obtain the relevant, systematic and current knowledge in the field of corporate finances, which can be practically applied upon decision-making on finances within corporations. After the completion of the specialist graduate study the student will be able to perform highly professional activities in the field of finances, accounting and taxes, as well as the managerial activities on the level of the middle management or the higher management in corporations.

Upon successful completion of the professional  graduate study Corporate Finance the student will be able:

  • to apply the principles and methods which represent the basis of the corporate social responsibility in the international environment, taking into consideration ethical norms aimed at efficient corporate governance
  • to apply legal regulations in view of performance of companies – residents as stakeholders of international corporations
  • to apply the requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards and the International Accounting Standards in the procedures of evaluating assets, liabilities, equity, income and expenditures
  • to present and analyse financial reports of large enterprises and suggest the measures to improve their performance
  • to apply the legal regulations in view of corporations in accordance with the application of the EU Directives and to present tax reports to internal and external users
  • to create the budget of a corporation and to budget the capital
  • to create and valuate business plans and investment projects and to apply contemporary software solutions upon their realisation
  • to estimate the yield of specific financial instruments and to apply the corresponding methods for their evaluation
  • to analyse and present a critical review of the importance of capital markets and financial institutions from the global viewpoint and from the viewpoint of corporations as stakeholders in financial processes
  • to analyse market, currency, economic, political and other risks of corporate stakeholders in international financial management and to propose the ways of their removal
  • to estimate the effects of the specific types of business combinations and to suggest optimum solutions
  • to estimate a company’s value, to apply the techniques and methods of measuring its growth and to estimate acquisitions
  • to apply the methods and techniques of controlling aimed at the efficient cost management
  • to present a critical review of the measures of a company’s financial restructuring
  • to be permanently up-to-date with the domestic and foreign professional literature in the field of finance aimed at further training and to use technical terminology in the written and oral communication


Conditions for Enrolment in the Professional Graduate Study: 

Completed professional undergraduate study or undergraduate university study and the obtained at least 180 ECTS credits or undergraduate study in duration of at least three years.



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