Martićeva 29, Zagreb   tel: +385 1 46 99 735

Student Ombudsman is proposed by the Student Union of the RRiF College that makes a decision on his/her appointment for a term of one year with the right of the repeated mandate.

Student Ombudsman receives complaints from students concerning their rights and discusses them with the Dean, the Vice-Dean and the Secretary of the RRiF College, advises students on how to exercise their rights, may participate in the disciplinary proceedings initiated against the student, in order to protect their rights, participates in meetings of the Student Union as a neutral party without the right to vote in determining the  rules and regulations of the Student Union.

Student Ombudsman, if necessary, proposes the sessions of the Student Union and is obliged to report on his work to the members of the Student Union least once in a semester or more frequently if necessary.

Student Ombudsman: Ivan Pajek

Contact: through the portal EduNeta