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University of Applied Sciences RRiF

RRiF College of Financial Management was founded in 2006. In accordance with the provisions of the Act on Higher Education and Scientific Activity (Official Gazette 119/22), on February 13, 2023, the RRiF College of Financial Management became the University of Applied Sciences RRiF .
University of Applied Sciences RRiF offers a three-year professional study Accounting and Finance and a two-year  specialist professional graduate study Corporate Finance

The study programmes are focused on educating professionals who will immediately after completing their study independently perform tasks in the fields of financial management, financial accounting and reporting, taxation and managerial accounting  as well as the managerial activities on the level of the middle management or the higher management in corporations.

After completing the study, the students receive the qualifications:

ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE: Bachelor of Economics in the field of accounting and finance earning 180 ECTS credits. 

CORPORATE FINANCE: Master of Economics earning 120 ECTS credits.

The curriculum corresponds to the guidelines of the Bologna Process. Accordingly, the students can continue their education for a master’s degree in the country and abroad.

What are the benefits of graduating at the University of Applied Sciences RRiF?
- The possibility of fast employment –labour market is in need of accounting and finance professionals.
- RRiF Group supports its students after graduation – through conferences, seminars, professional journals and professional handbooks enabling them to always update their knowledge. Once involved in the RRiF Group the students and later the working people always remain professionally a part of it.

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