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Recognition procedure

The mechanism for recognising mobility achievement are stated in the general enactments of our institution – the Rulebook on Mobility.

The RRiF College always ensures full recognition of the completed activities of study mobility and traineeships in terms of:
- applying an academic credit transfer system – ECTS,
- recognition procedures are recorded in a transparent way through recognition of executed activities and earned credits  stated in the Learning Agreement;
- issuing a Diploma Supplement  with a record of the period of mobility under the Programme free of charge in Croatian and English languages.

In the case of making complaints, students should contact, the Erasmus coordinator who is responsible for further coordinating and resolving the issue in question with the relevant stakeholders.

Erasmus coordinator: Martina Herceg Rendeli

Academic Mentor
In charge for signing and recognising learning agreements and all academic questiond regarding mobility acitivities

Ivica Voloder, PhD

Address: Martićeva 29, Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 00385 1 4699 746