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The mission of the RRiF College is to adjust its study programmes to the needs of the Croatian and European economies for the professionals who will during their study acquire the knowledge and skills required for independent performance of the activities in the fields of financial management, financial accounting and reporting, management accounting and other segments. An important aspect of our mission is to create the professionals who will be able to successfully manage the finances of micro, small- and medium-sized enterprises, as well as to be a part of international corporations and contribute to their successful performance and development using their competences in the field of finance. 

The vision of the RRiF College is defined in the following way: ’to succeed means to be an expert in one’s professional field and to keep up with the current developments, which can be achieved only if you are at the source of the thoroughly checked and timely information!’ 

The realization of the vision and mission - the RRiF Colege has managed to ensure the recognizable elements of the realized mission and vision throught many years of its activities. The recognizability of the RRiF College is reflected in the following elements:

  • adapting its study programme to the concrete and applicable knowledge, which is evidently needed on the labour market;
  • offering students highly professional skills which are identified as such on the labour market;
  • enabling the attendance to classes to part-time according to the complete study programme
  • permanent contact of the RRiF College with the economy in such a way that:
    • a part of the teaching staff of the RRiF College participates in advising businesses in the area of accounting, tax, legal and financial issues,
    • the teaching staff of the RRiF College with their professional papers are within the RRiF Group involved in publishing of one of the most popular journals in the field of accounting and finance in the Republic of Croatia: the journal Accounting, Auditing and Finance, published by the RRiF Plus d.o.o.
    • inviting guest lecturers, experts in the fields of economy, the banking sector, the commercial court.
  • some teachers are associate teachers who are also renowned business people or consultants in the economy;
  • supporting teachers and students in academic exchange with foreign countries through the Erasmus + Programme, with the aim of opening the RRIF College outside the Croatian borders.