Martićeva 29, Zagreb   tel: +385 1 46 99 735

President of the Management Board of the RRiF College of Financial Management

  Branimir Markota, M.Econ.

'Knowledge leads to success!'  - This has represented the key principle of the RRiF Group since its establishment.  This moto is present in all the objectives determined upon the foundation of the RRiF College and is expected to guide you during studying. Our vision is to educate motivated professionals in the fields of accounting and finance who will be able to engage themselves in the world of work and follow the constant changes and requirements set to us by the modern globalised market and the economic practice. The RRiF Group has always had open doors to its students during their studying and after completion of the study.




  Members of the Management Board:

  Vlado Brkanić, PhD, Tihomir Hunjak, PhD,
  Branimir Markota, M.Econ, Dragan Rudan,MSc, Ante Vidović, LLM

Phone 01. 46 99 735